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Architectural Control Committee

Architectural Control Committee (ACC). To have total control over any improvement, alteration, addition or change to any lot in the Greens, with the intent of improving the quality of our community. (ByLaw IX f)

The Chairperson of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) of Fairwood Greens is an appointed position, of an elected Trustee, by the President of Fairwood Greens. The primary responsibility of the ACC, as required in the Bylaws of Fairwood Greens, is to have control over any improvement, alteration, addition or change to any lot in the Greens with the intent of improving the quality of our community. This is accomplished by enforcement of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) of Fairwood Greens. The ACC guidelines have been historically considered the accepted and enforced interpretation of the CC&Rs. The ACC guidelines are periodically published in the Flyer for community notification. The ACC officially responds to written approval requests and/or complaints. The ACC is always interested in interviewing potential committee members to assist in the smooth operation of the committee.

Architectural Control Committee Guidelines

Updated April 14, 2009



The legal and binding Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) as recorded for FGHA contain provisions, including the following:

Article IX, Section 2 (in part): " - - no building shall be erected, placed or altered on any lot on the property until the building plans, specifications and plot plan showing the nature, kind, shape, height, material and location - - have been approved in writing as to conformity and harmony of external design with existing structures in the subdivision - - . - - the committee approval described in this covenant shall be obtained from the Architectural Control Committee of the Association."

Article IX, Section 6 (in part): " - - it being the intent and purpose of the covenant to assure that all dwellings shall be of quality and workmanship and materials substantially the same or better than that which can be produced on the date these covenants are recorded - - ."

The FGHA Board of Trustees is required to enforce the CC&Rs, and the ACC has established guidelines using the above directives to only approve materials architecturally and aesthetically equal to or better than that which was initially installed during the original construction of the dwelling. In addition, these ACC advisory guidelines shall provide the current design and control guidelines to ensure residential quality. The purpose of these guidelines is not to replace any item within the CC&Rs or Rules and Regulations but to provide interpretation, background and understanding of the past practices of the ACC for their future review.


The purpose of these ACC advisory guidelines is to establish a baseline for planning improvement projects and to provide instructions and direction for the ACC review and approval process. These guidelines are general in nature and each individual project will be evaluated separately to determine uniqueness to the subject project and collectively to provide homogeneity to the surrounding neighborhood. The discretion of the ACC review and approval is unique and binding upon the homeowner and shall comply with the legal requirements of the CC&Rs of Fairwood Greens. The over-all purpose and requirement of these guidelines is to ensure and improve the future value of the homes within Fairwood Greens.

The single most important policy is that the ACC is required to up-hold the policies of the CC&Rs of the FGHA in a uniform, consistent and conforming manner. Compliance to the CC&Rs policies may affect the value(s) of the homes within Fairwood Greens. Timely ACC review and response to the FGHA members is important. The ACC is required to approve a project's design only and does not design a project or make suggestions that may place the ACC or the FGHA in a future litigious position or condition. The ACC approval will be granted on the aesthetic design and CC&R compliance only. . These Guidelines may be updated by the ACC with the approval of the FGHA Board of Trustees as necessary to improve the land and home values within Fairwood Greens.

It is required that all external structural modifications and alterations to the home and exterior structures (including re-roofing, decks, fences, patios, sheds, driveways, painting, etc.) be submitted in writing (a sketch with appropriate dimensions, setback distances, color, etc. is sufficient) to the FGHA -ACC for review and approval. This requirement is contained within the CC&Rs.

The ACC request form can be found in the Fairwood Flyer issued once a month and mailed to all homeowners in Fairwood Greens HOA. The ACC request form is also located on the Fairwood Greens web-site. The form can also be mailed to a homeowner by leaving a message at (425) 227- 3997. ACC Forms are to be mailed to: HOA PO Box 58053, Renton, WA 98058

The ACC will make every effort to review and make a finding within one week, usually by personal inspection or by phone. However, written ACC approval may take as long as two months - as authorized within the CC&Rs.

The ACC will take action towards written signed complaints received through the mail. Any ACC unresolved compliance requests will be forwarded to the FGHA board for formal action as required.


All roofing projects must be approved by the ACC.

  1. Replacement roofing must be approved by the ACC.
  2. Some homes within Fairwood Greens were originally installed with tar and gravel. These roofs have too narrow a pitch to even support asphalt composition roofing and may be maintained with tar and gravel. If these roofs were up-graded to a steeper pitch, FGHA approved roofing materials would be required.
  3. The approved list of roofing materials standards shall consist of the following products:

Medium to Heavy grade cedar shake

Evershake: http://www.evershake.com/productinformation.htm

Garard Steel: http://www.gerardusa.com/owner/products.htm

Rare Steel

Variety of lightweight titles

Fiberglass Laminate Shingles (triple laminate composition)

A. GAF Grand Canyon: https://www.gaf.com/en-us/roofing-products/residential-roofing-products/shingles/designer/ultra-premium/grand-canyon

B. Certainteed Presidental Shake TL: https://www.certainteed.com/residential-roofing/products/presidential-shake-tl/

C. Owens Corning Woodmoor Shingles: https://www.owenscorning.com/roofing/shingles/woodmoor/

D. G.E.M Manufacturing Inc. of Calgary, Alberta EuroSlate and EuroShake

E. PABCO Paramount Advantage: https://www.pabcoroofing.com/signature-cut/paramount-advantage


1. All fences are to comply with all legal building restrictions and requirements established by King County. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to contact the King County Development and Environmental Services Department, Building Services Division, for further information and permit applications at (206) 296-6600, web-site: https://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/local-services/permits.aspx

2. Fences and their footings are required to be on the homeowner’s property. An exception would be under a joint project between contiguous homeowners. Under a joint project, fencing could be directly on the property line, however, it is highly recommended joint projects have a written mutual maintenance agreement - for future referral - describing the project including the fence placement and maintenance responsibility agreement. This written agreement needs to be submitted with the ACC form.

3. Fence height is limited to a maximum of 6 foot as measured on the downhill side of the fence to the ground and excluding any rookery or retaining wall.

4. No fence may be placed in front of the home (including picket fences).

5. On the street side of a corner lot, fences are to be set back a minimum of 20 feet from the property line.

6. Side fences can extend within 3 feet from the front of the house (this is to give the home more architectural definition).

7. Fences are not to be installed to hide the storage of boats, cars, trailers, recreational vehicles (RVs), etc. Side-yard access through any installed fence is required to comply with fire codes.

8. Rear fences bordering fairway lots must be a minimum of 15 Feet set back from rear property line. Fairway fences are required to include a gated access along the fairway side.

9. Restrictive and specific setback requirements for fairway and corner lots are presented in the CC&Rs (these could range from 15 to 20 feet).


  1. External lights that permit late night sports activities are not to be used.
  2. Portable basketball hoops and backboards may be placed along the edge of the driveway.


1. The widening of a driveway needs to be reviewed considering the overall landscaping along the home's front property and in relation to the existing neighborhood. Any driveway widening is required to be approved by the ACC.

2. Driveway or paved access from or along the side or rear of the house for parking of boats, trailers, or recreational vehicles (RVs) or to provide "second" driveways will not be approved. Attention to the King County Fire District #40 regulations must be made to address access along side property lines.


1. Satellite antenna installation can be mounted directly to the primary home structure. Any other mounting must be approved in writing by the ACC.

2. No antenna installation within Fairwood Greens shall cause a nuisance to the neighborhood nor create any affect or interference to a neighbors telephone, radio, home personal computer, television, home security system, automobile or garage door locks, fire or police alarms or any other form of security or communication.


1. House, fence and decorative colors need to be approved by the ACC. The colors selected by the homeowner are required to be in harmony with the surrounding neighborhood.


1. Hardscaping (i.e.; concrete, brick or block work, etc.), retaining walls, sidewalks, driveways, patios and decks, swimming pools, etc., do require ACC review and approval. Compliance to current King County Building Codes that address the maximum lot coverage by impermeable material are to be complied with (including: home, patios, pools, walkways, driveways etc.).

2,. Mass plantings, which create or will eventually create a fence, require ACC approval. Mass planting which restrict the view of a neighbor may be limited to a maximum height of 6 foot.

3. Plantings on fairway lots are required to take into consideration the view of adjacent neighbors.


1. Hot tubs, gazebos, and Spa location and design must be approved by the ACC.

2. Outdoor tubs and spas are to be placed no closer than 5 feet to the side or rear property line.

3. Gas fired equipment is to be placed so that exhaust fumes do not create a nuisance or unsafe condition for neighbors.


Other home owner design questions and projects, such as pools, plantings, enclosures, deck covers, sheds, BBQ pits, exterior lighting schemes etc., that may affect the aesthetic or harmonious character of the neighborhood or may cause a nuisance to the community is to be brought to the attention of the ACC for review and approval.

Adherence to all and any Washington State and King County building type codes and permits are the responsibility of the Homeowner.

Common Properties Committee

Common Properties. To cause the common properties to be maintained adequately and to arrange contracts with a contractor to achieve this end. (Bylaw IX e)

The chair of the committee will update the specification for the landscape maintenance contract as required. On an annual basis he will issue a Request for Proposal for the maintenance effort and place a one year contract. Following placement of the contract, he will monitor contractor compliance with the contract provisions and take the appropriate action. He will make sure playground equipment is usable and safe. To ensure adequate funding, he will request funding via the annual budgetary process for maintenance and the addition of new equipment in the parks or other common areas.

Executive Committee
Finance Committee
External Affairs/Community Relations Committee

Growth/External Affairs. To follow developments in the area of the Greens that will impact our community. (ByLaw IX c)

The position of Growth/External Affairs is responsible for those external functions that affect Fairwood Greens. The listed functions only represent those tasks that are currently known. There are a variety of situations that affect Fairwood Greens that suddenly present themselves and must be dealt with as required.


  1. Monitoring Changes Government:

    • State of Washington Laws
    • King County
    • Cities of Renton, Kent, etc.
    • Dept. of Transportation
    • Dept. of Development & Environmental Services
    • Police & Fire Departments
    • Kent School District
  2. Monitoring Changes in the Surrounding Areas

    • New Building Developments
    • Coordinate with neighboring communities

The following several tasks are required to make the above functions work:

  1. Attend the monthly FGHO meetings
  2. Attend the meetings that occur in the above areas
  3. Develop relationships and coordinate with people in the above areas
  4. Telephone and write letters to state FGHO position to the above parties
  5. Create proactive programs to help the community
  6. Coordinate with fellow trustees
Legal Committee
Property Maintenance Committee

Property Maintenance. To ensure all lots within the Greens are presentable and complyy with accepted standards. (ByLaw IX d)

The Chairperson of the Property Maintenance Committee (PMC) of Fairwood Greens Homeowner’s Association is an appointed position, of an elected Trustee, by the President of the Fairwood Greens Homeowner’s Association.

The primary responsibility of the PMC is to insure that each homeowner is to maintain the exterior appearance of his/her property in a manner that upholds the quality of our neighborhood as outlined by the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and Rules and Regulations (R&R) of the Fairwood Greens Homeowner’s Association. These declarations are to protect every homeowner’s property value by ensuring a well-kept and desirous place in which to live.

This focus includes, but is not limited to: yard maintenance, home exterior maintenance, holiday decorations, automotive vehicles and recreational vehicles.

The Committee is also responsible for the development and improvement of the guidelines to uphold the appearance of our neighborhood.

Records, Correspondence, & Web Committee
Security Committee

Security. To arrange contracts with a company to provide 24 hour security service for the Greens. (ByLaw IX b)

The requirement for a 24-hour a day security service is spelled out in the Fairwood Greens Articles of Incorporation, and funding is provided through Homeowners’ assessments by the FGHA Bylaws. Section B of Bylaw IX states "To arrange contracts with a company to provide 24 hour security service for the Greens." Securitas currently provides our security service.

The security officers are bonded and trained, and Securitas is insured.

The security patrol duties include:

  1. 24-hour protective patrol services for Fairwood Greens residents, guests and their properties.

  2. Assistance with enforcement of the Associations’ Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Rules & Regulations, and other applicable governing documents.

  3. Assistance as requested to local police in apprehension of perpetrators of observed crimes.

  4. Obtain information regarding vehicle violations and report this information directly to King County Police. This includes, but is not limited to, speeding and parking violations.

  5. Assist local fire district personnel as requested by same.

Please note: The Security Patrol is not to assume any police powers of law enforcement in rendering assistance to local authorities.

Additionally, the security patrol provides extensive support to the community, providing vacation checks, and notifying us when we leave our garage doors open at night.

The Security Committee is always interested in interviewing potential committee members to assist in the smooth operation of the security activities. Residents interested in communicating with their neighbor on security issues are especially needed to ensure that our security process has the proper "grass-roots" input and support.

Special Projects Committee