Fairwood Greens
Homeowners' Association
Renton, Washington
PO Box 58053, Renton , WA 98058
Phone - (425) 227-3997
Fax - (425) 271-5804

Contact Us

You can contact the Fairwood Greens Homeowner's Association by writing to FGHA PO Box 58053 Renton WA 98058. calling (425) 227-3997 or faxing (425) 271-5804. Securitas Security can be contacted at 425-221-8170. For general questions and to have your email directed to the correct Board Member you may send emails to: contact@fairwoodgreens.org

In order to properly open a file, all complaints must be submitted in writing. This can be done through email: contact@fairwoodgreens.org or through postal mail: HOA PO Box 58053, Renton, WA 98058, or fax (425) 271-5804. You need to include your contact information: name, phone, address, etc. This will assist the Board in responding to the complaint if further information is required. The Board will not investigate anonymous complaints.

Executive Officers:
President: Bonnie Lyon
Vice President: Barrett Chilton
Secretary: Jim Canterbury
Treasurer: Lisa Lord
Jordan Bergeron Lisa Lord
Jim Canterbury Bonnie Lyon
Barrett Chilton Mark Powell
Dan Dorman Steven Schmidt
Steven Jackson
Contract Staff:
Office Manager: Judy Seidel
Greeter: Lenore Lee
Securitas Security: (425) 221-8170
King County Sheriff's Office (206) 477-1243