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Frequently Asked Questions

What are performance requirements of property maintenance monitoring vendor (PMMV)?

The homeowners’ association currently pays $1,995 to PMMV to monitor 1,499 homes. PMMV monitors the neighborhood and reviews compliance with the association's R&R. PMMV additionally responds to the chair of property maintenance to review any complaint received directly from a property owner. PMMV provides reports to the board that indicate 1st, 2nd and 3rd notices, which R&R is in question, date of notices. PMMV must provide records of all documentation and photographic evidence for proper FGHA records keeping.

Does the association set quotas?

No, there are no quotas for findings of non-compliance.

What are contract terms?

Month to month is the term of the association’s agreement with PMMV.

Who does inspections? Are they certified?

Yes, only certified property managers conduct monitoring.

How often does PMMV perform inspections?

PMMV monitors the entire neighborhood once a month, split into two groups. They are in the neighborhood twice each month.

Does anyone from the board accompany PMMV?

No; PMMV is an independent vendor and does not require anyone to accompany them.

Does anyone from the association check PMMV reports?

Yes; PMMV sends an inspection worksheet following each drive through (twice monthly) which are reviewed and accepted by our property maintenance chair prior to any notices being sent to property owners.

Are PMMV personnel allowed to enter private property?

No; no one from PMMV will enter homeowner property. Substantiating photos are taken roadside.

What is the definition of success?

Success is not defined by citations or fines, but by a neighborhood that is aesthetically pleasant. PMMV enforces the Rules and Regulations (R&R) adopted by our homeowners’ association pertaining to property maintenance. Findings are published within the meeting minutes each month (found at fairwoodgreens.org).

What type of roofing materials are approved by Fairwood Greens HOA?

ALL roofing projects require an ACC to be submitted and approved prior to beginning the project even if you are submitting one of the approved materials.

Listing of roofing materials currently approved are:

Triple laminate composition:

Roofing materials other than those currently approved must be submitted with sample and explanation for consideration.

How do I submit an ACC form?

All Architectural Control Forms (ACC) are to be submitted and approved prior to the start of the work. ACC approval is required for all exterior work to the home. The forms are available on the forms section of our website. The form may be mailed to: Fairwood Greens HOA PO Box 58053 Renton WA 98058 or faxed to (425) 271-5804. Turn around time for approval is generally 7-10 days. If you have a "rush" item, please indicate on the form so the ACC Chair can call you with approval/questions.

When are the Homeowner’s Meetings?

Per the Bylaws, the Board holds monthly meetings the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7:00PM. The meetings are held at Fairwood Golf and Country Club. The Annual Homeowners meeting is held the 4th Tuesday in September at 7:15PM. At this meeting the budget is ratified by the Homeowners and new Board Members are elected.

Where are the parks in Fairwood Greens?

There are two parks. One is Allen Park and it’s located between 145th Ave SE & SE 167th St. The other park is Toddler Park and it’s located between SE 167th Pl and 157th Ave SE.

How do I submit a complaint to the Board?

All complaints, for example: unkempt yards and vehicles, barking dogs, and general nuisances, must be sent in writing to the Board in order for action to be taken. This can be done via email: contact@fairwoodgreens.org or through the postal mail: Fairwood Greens HOA PO Box 58053 Renton WA 98058. You need to include your contact information: name, address, phone & email (if available). The Board will not investigate anonymous complaints or letters.

How do I contact Security?

Securitas Security can be reached at 425-221-8170

What can be done about the scooters in the neighborhood?

Motorized scooters that have engines under 50cc's are considered bicycles and must follow all traffic laws relating to them.

Do I need approval from the HOA to have trees removed from my property?

No, tree removal from your property does not require HOA approval. You may need to check with King County for any required permits.

Why doesn't our neighborhood have locking mailboxes?

This question has come up a lot, especially when news of mail theft is shared. The desire for a locking mailbox is up to individual Homeowners to pursue. You can find information about locking mailboxes by going to mailbox information.

What are the monthly HOA dues?

The dues are $25 a month, billed semi-annually at $150.00 in December and June.

What do you know about the Adult Family Homes in the neighborhood?

Fairwood Greens HOA and Adult Family Homes

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