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Locking Mailbox Information

Group locking mailboxes- the HOA has received several inquiries regarding locking mailboxes. The following steps need to be taken by those who wish to have a cluster box unit (CBU) installed. Costs for installing are to be paid for by the homeowners who wish to be part of the locking boxes. This process is up to individual homeowners to pursue. It is not an HOA directed project.

1.      Talk to your neighbors in your cul-de-sac, same side of your street, etc. Determine those who wish to have the locking mailbox installed. 90% participation is required by the Post Office. Also, please note that if you sell your house, the new owners will be required to be part of the locking box.

2.      Decide on the size of box needed for your section: 8, 12 or 16 boxes. Prices for the locking mailboxes installed are: 8 boxes with 2 parcel lockers: $203; 12 boxes with 1 parcel locker $140; and 16 boxes with 2 parcel lockers $108. All include an outgoing mail slot.

3.      Contact Tommy Cochran at the Renton Post Office (17200 116th Ave SE), 425-255-6389. He will come out and discuss the best location for the locking box.

4.      An ACC form is not required for the installation of the box.

Individual locking mailboxes: research on some individual locking mailboxes was presented in the January 24, 2006 minutes. Here is the information from the Security Report:

Locking Mailboxes. Another email has come in requesting information about locking mailboxes in the Greens.  After studying competitive products, I ordered a locking mailbox as an example of products that promise to stop mail theft.  After looking at competitive products, my personal preference was for The Oasis Jr. The cost with shipping is approximately $175.00. It measures 11.5 inches wide, 14 inches high and 18 inches deep.

Generally, I view the Oasis mailboxes to be mountable on the existing posts within Fairwood Greens whether there are one or more adjacent mailboxes, but that issue needs very careful evaluation by each prospective purchaser...as differences may exist.

The Web site for the Oasis manufacturer is:


The Oasis boxes are available from many Web sources and are usually - shipped direct to the buyer.  If someone wants to see the mailbox I ordered, I can be reached early in February via email: security@fairwoodgreens.org.

The US Post Office guidelines for installation of street-side mailboxes are primarily concerned with height of the box. They should be installed with the base of the mailbox between 42 and 48 inches above the curb (sidewalk).  

An ACC form is not required for the installation of a locking mailbox.