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2018 Concerts in the Park Series
Posted: July 21, 2018

Annual Garage Sale & Fireworks Regulations
Posted: July 01, 2018

Advisement to Residents
Posted: April 01, 2018

The King County Sheriffs Office (KCSO) will be conducting a traffic enforcement emphasis during the month of April. All residents and road users are expected to abide by the rules of the road. The KCSO has expressed concern that speeding in particular is a concern within the Fairwood Greens community. With improving spring weather and the likelihood of more pedestrian activity, this presents a significant concern. During this enforcement emphasis period the likelihood of a citation vs a warning is increased. All Fairwood Greens residents are reminded to abide by the rules of the road and posted maximum speed limits at all times.

Golden Gavel Award
Posted: October 28, 2017

Thank you to Jim Canterbury for serving the HOA as president of the association's board for TEN years. It is inarguably clear that in the fifty years of the association, there has not been another who has put in as much time and energy to ensure that the mission of the board is fulfilled. Jim has encouraged board members to dutifully serve in their volunteer roles. He has invested countless hours to ensure that committees function properly, that homeowners concerns are met, and has gone above and beyond to add value to our neighborhood.

Under his watch, the HOA has benefited with: concerts in the park; LAST SPLASH, the HOA annual picnic; annual FGHA sponsored garage sales; safety upgrades to both Toddler and Allen Park, with additional and replacement play equipment; improvement to retaining wall at Div. 23; upgrades to light poles (at no cost to the HOA); added professional support to enforce property maintenance; improved communications between HOA and governing agencies; improved legal services; and improved security with additional King County Sherriff patrols.

Jim has provided strong leadership and encouragement to board trustees and committee chairs. He has kept a watchful eye on budgets while still finding ways to enhance our community. He has significantly contributed to improve the association's R&Rs. Jim's advocacy for FGHA is felt throughout the county; his advice is much desired by boards throughout Washington State who wish to model their HOAs after FGHA.

Meanwhile, Jim will carry on as Secretary to the Board. His presence will maintain continuity of FGHA goals and ensure a smooth transition.

Thank you, Jim!

Best Yard of the Year Award
Posted: October 09, 2017

Preston and Donna Lyon received the 7th Annual Best Yard of the Year Award 2017. They are long-term residents on Fairwood Boulevard who have continually maintained and improved their property. They are shining examples of pride of ownership. Congratulations!

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