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Securitas Assistance

The Fairwood Greens Homeowners' Association (FGHA) contracts vendor services for private security (Securitas) to provide a 24/7 visible security presence for our community per the FGHA governing documents. Within the scope of this service, any Fairwood resident can contact them for assistance or for circumstances outlined below.

Below are some guidelines for contact. If an emergency, please immediately call 9-1-1 to report prior to contacting Securitas.

Please contact Securitas to request assistance or to report:

Securitas provides its services to all 1,499 households within Fairwood Greens. While a homeowner may have a warranted call, there may be a response delay depending on where officers are within the development and what may be currently occupying them.

They can be contacted at 425-221-8170.

Submissions from Securitas:

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Dealing with Aggressive Behavior
Weathering Winter Storms
Safe Driving is No Accident
Preparing for the Upcoming Flu Season
Fire Prevention
Take the Heat Seriously

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