Fairwood Greens
Homeowners' Association
Renton, Washington
PO Box 58053, Renton , WA 98058
Phone - (425) 227-3997
Fax - (425) 271-5804

Welcome To Fairwood Greens Homeowners' Association!

News and Events

To accommodate stay-at-home and distancing orders from government and health authorities, the board will conduct a virtual meeting to cast any proxy votes and final tally will be made and announced via email to homeowners and found at the website.

As in March through August, the board will post reports from each of our committees. Since there is no business of the board, nor quorum, these appear as "REPORTS". Homeowners can review committee reports at the association's website [link].

SPECIAL NOTE TO ALL USERS OF OUR ASSOCIATION'S COMMUNITY PARKS: In addition, park play equipment is officially closed to use. Anyone using playgrounds must practice health safety and are doing so at their own risk. There will be no port-a-potty at Allen Park this season.

Please, everyone, be health concerned and wear masks, maintain distance, and wash your hands. We can't wait to see everyone enjoy our parks again next year, with even more fun at our events.

Contact contact@fairwoodgreens.org if you need any assistance!